The Open Kitchen

ChallengeWhen you’re a refugee, the world sees you differently. We want to unite people, bring cultures together and change perceptions.
Insight: By sharing our stories we can bring people together again. 
Idea: The Open Kitchen. Giving people a place where they can meet refugees, eat homemade food, sit around the same table and share their stories.
ExecutionWe’ll use digital to create a unique, pop-up food stand that’s staffed entirely by refugees. Customers won’t know this until they connect to the free Wi-Fi to order their food, as the menu won’t just show what’s on offer, but will reveal the story of the refugee cooking their meal. Finally, to encourage a human connection, we will ask people to pay for their meals with a simple handshake.  

We created a unique pop-up kitchen with a twist. Connect to the free Wi-Fi, order your food and discover the stories behind the people preparing it.
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