ChallengeSummer is a competitive time for cider brands, but we want to make Bulmers stand out not only in people’s minds, but on the shelves too.
Insight: Great times last a day, but great memories last forever.
Idea: #ShadesofSummer. Inviting you to create shareable memories that reflect your mood, even when the weather doesn’t.
ExecutionDuring the summer, Bulmers will fit their bottle caps with bespoke camera lenses. These lenses will not only place a natural looking sunshine in all of your shots, but they’ll also be shaded differently depending on the flavour of Bulmers you’ve chosen. Using #ShadesofSummer, we’ll aggregate these photos on the Bulmers website, and select the best ones to become part of our outdoor campaign.

Bring the sun to all your snaps with a special lens inside every bottle cap. 
Your photos will become part of our campaign.
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