ChallengeStudent’s aren’t particularly financially savvy, with their student loans likely being the first time they’ve received such a large sum of money. 
Insight: The smarter you get the less you lose.
IdeaUniproof: Showing that NatWest is the bank that will help students save more, by helping them to become more financially savvy.
ExecutionUsing a hero TV spot, we showed how poor financial planning can result in a sub-par university experience (and a diet of baked beans). We then created a series of interactive online tools, all of which helped students prepare themselves for their upcoming uni lives, as well as a Facebook app that enabled people to sign-up for a student account. 

TVC campaign launch.
Apply for your account with the Facebook gaming app.
Giving useful university tips through our social media.

Watch the YouTube series, "Don't be like Ben".

NatWest Uniproof Tips: Ben's Kebab Shop Fail 

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