Smart Investor

Turning the complicated world of financial investments, into something more friendly and easy to access.
ChallengeOur audience believes that being a smart investor requires the proper skills and training. This means that they are often scared to risk their own money, as they fear losing it.
Insight: We are capable of more than we imagine.
Idea: Barclays invites us the see that we all have the required traits to be a Smart Investor. 
ExecutionThe campaign ran across key outdoor sites and nationwide print publications. It was also supported by digital activity that included the creation of the Investor Tester - a mobile-first game that gave people the opportunity to see whether they had the skills needed to invest via a set of increasingly challenging puzzles.
Agency: Truant London.  

Print Concept.
The Investor Tester - a mobile-first game that gave you the opportunity to see and learn the skills needed to invest.
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