Bentley Inspirator

ChallengeWith hundreds of paints, hides, veneers and accessories to chose from, every Bentley comes with billions of possible options, making it difficult to find the right configuration for you.
Insight: Luxury goods are not a rational purchase, but an emotional one.
IdeaThe Inspirator. An emotionally-focused, interactive commissioning experience that takes into account every facet of your personality. 
Execution: We built an app that uses emotional-recognition technology to track subconscious, emotional reactions through your device’s camera. Pairing this with a branching narrative film, we were able to create a journey based on your preferences, which culminated in a Bentley specification that’s tailored to you.
Awards: BIMA 2016 / Winner - Mobile Category

The first emotional recognition car configurator.
A journey that culminates in a Bentley specification tailored to you. 
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