The Open Kitchen

ChallengeWhen you’re a refugee, the world sees you differently. We want to unite people, bring cultures together and change perceptions.
Insight: We have more in common with the world than we think. 
IdeaWe challenge people to change their perceptions, by inviting them to see the person before the refugee.
ExecutionThe Open Kitchen. We’ll use digital to create a unique, pop-up food stand that’s staffed entirely by refugees. Customers won’t know this until they connect to the free Wi-Fi to order their food, as the menu won’t just show what’s on offer, but will reveal the story of the refugee cooking their meal. Finally, we’ll drive people to an open-source platform, where they can learn more about our chefs, while well further amplify the campaign on social media.  

We created a unique pop-up kitchen with a twist. Connect to the free Wi-Fi, order your food and discover the stories behind the people preparing it.
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