Nike React Squad

ChallengeWith the impending release of their latest running innovation, Nike React, Nike wanted to build deeper relationships with retail staff and turn them into brand ambassadors.​​​​​​​
Insight: There is a unique bond you make with others, when you train hard together.
Idea: The React Squad: The first fully reactive training platform for retail teams. ​​​​​​​
ExecutionUsing a mobile-first design, we built a digital platform that reacted to each individuals profile. The more you train, the more you unlock. The app reacts with smart labels, turning our flagship stores into a training space. The better you get, the platform unlock unique events in-store and outside and release bespoke content to turn our staff into brand ambassadors.

Campaign Case Study.
Nike React Squad Digital Platform.
1.4k sign-up in first week. With 87% engaging with the content.
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